Saturday, 11 July 2015

3 Common Issues With Bathtub Drains

Bathtub drains do a lot of work, so they tend to require regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid clogs and other issues. Even if you are careful and you clean regularly, though, you can still wind up with a few drain issues that you should know how to spot. These can happen for a variety of reasons, from luck to the age of your plumbing, and if they are taken care of quickly, they don’t have to be a big hassle. Here are three of the main issues that drains can develop.
  • Hair Clogs
  • Full drum traps
  • Sewer line problems
What to do

Most of the time, the initial symptoms of these problems are the same: slow drains or standing water in your bathtub. The easiest way to handle them is by treating the simplest one first and then calling for help if the issue does not resolve. Simply snaking your drain, or else using a cleaning agent that is safe for your pipes, should be enough to take care of hair clogs. Sometimes, those tactics also work for your drum trap if you have one.

At other times, a full drum trap might have to be accessed to be cleaned, and this is often easier if a plumber handles it. For clogged sewer lines, you really need an expert. You can usually tell a sewer line problem, too, because other drains in the home will back up, so checking a sink for drainage can help determine whether this is the problem or not. For more information about drain cleaning in Encinitas, visit this site.

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