Saturday, 11 July 2015

Dual-Flush Toilets Are Water-Wise

Innovations in plumbing involve using water well and conserving as much of it as possible. Enter the dual-flush toilet. With two flush options, it allows for waste disposal without squandering water.

Everyone Should Know These Signs of a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are a serious issue that can become dangerous if they are not take care of as soon as they are discovered. Here are the basic signs of a gas leak that anyone should know about:
  • A foul odor, like rotten eggs.
  • Discolored, dead vegetation directly over or around pipelines outdoors.
  • Whistling and/or hissing sounds near the pipeline.
The smell is the easiest and most detectable method of identifying gas leaks, and the rotten egg odor is distinctly different from the rotten smell that backed-up drains can make. Outdoors, whistling and hissing might be easier to detect than the smell, due to the wind dissipating the odor.

What to do

If you detect a natural gas leak in your home, leave the area immediately and contact 911 and/or your local energy company. Authorities recommend that you do not attempt to shut off your own gas or trip any breakers, as unintended sparks can ignite the gas leak. The best thing to do is to turn off any running appliances and make a brisk exit before calling for help. While waiting, make sure that you do not smoke or do anything else that might ignite the gas. Wait to re-enter the home until after an expert has checked things over and declared the area safe.

When you know what to look for, gas leaks can be taken care of quickly and safely, and they can mostly be prevented with regular inspection and maintenance of your home’s natural gas lines and all the appliances connected to them. To find out a vendor for gas line repair in Carlsbad, visit this website.

All About Copper Repiping

Refitting worn-out pipes with copper may be the right decision for you if your old pipes are leaky or rusted. Copper is light, malleable, safe and durable, and it doesn’t rust. more

3 Common Issues With Bathtub Drains

Bathtub drains do a lot of work, so they tend to require regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid clogs and other issues. Even if you are careful and you clean regularly, though, you can still wind up with a few drain issues that you should know how to spot. These can happen for a variety of reasons, from luck to the age of your plumbing, and if they are taken care of quickly, they don’t have to be a big hassle. Here are three of the main issues that drains can develop.
  • Hair Clogs
  • Full drum traps
  • Sewer line problems
What to do

Most of the time, the initial symptoms of these problems are the same: slow drains or standing water in your bathtub. The easiest way to handle them is by treating the simplest one first and then calling for help if the issue does not resolve. Simply snaking your drain, or else using a cleaning agent that is safe for your pipes, should be enough to take care of hair clogs. Sometimes, those tactics also work for your drum trap if you have one.

At other times, a full drum trap might have to be accessed to be cleaned, and this is often easier if a plumber handles it. For clogged sewer lines, you really need an expert. You can usually tell a sewer line problem, too, because other drains in the home will back up, so checking a sink for drainage can help determine whether this is the problem or not. For more information about drain cleaning in Encinitas, visit this site.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Don't Shoot The Plumbers!

An elderly man who had reportedly been drinking fired several rounds at a team of plumbers who had come to work on his house….read more

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Things That You Thought You Flushed

Whatever someone flushes down the toilet remains there and can be forgotten. Right? Or no. Here are some strange things that have been found in household drainage.

Believe it or not, people do lose their precious rings in the sewage. This tends to happen while they are showering or taking a bath. So next time you are in the bathroom, be careful!

Out of all the weird things found in the sewage, weapons are apparently one of the most frequently found items, especially in countries where the World Wars occurred.

No one knows how they got there, because those pieces of wood are too large to get into the sewer. But hey, they are there.

Kids play with them and toss the bad guys in the toilet. But none of them can swim against the current of the toilet flush and they shall never return.

More of them than you can imagine has been found in the sewer. In 2007, a bra blocked the pipes and has caused the sewer to collapse in the County of Durham in the UK. So underwear is not as harmless as it seems.
Like this, objects that have been tossed in the toilet can cause some serious damage to your drainage. Visit the website to learn more about a 24/7 plumber in Escondido.

Dramatic Waterfalls in an Underground Chamber

Water cascades down in a dramatic shade of emerald as it reflects light and falls into an underground chamber. The walls have fine details of stone work and this portion seems to connect to tunnels.