Thursday, 4 June 2015

Signs That Your Sewer Line Needs Repairing

Broken sewer lines can cause expensive damage and create big headaches for homeowners. Knowing what to look for in case your sewer line needs to be repaired can help you to fix problems early and prevent bigger problems down the road.

A broken sewer line that needs repairing can be an intimidating issue, but avoiding it will only make the problem worse and most likely more expensive to repair in the long run. Being aware of the warning signs from a sewer line problem can mean a prompt fix for potential plumbing issues and relief for you from your plumbing headaches.

If your water bill has recently spiked but you haven't greatly increased your use, you might have a hidden leak or some unseen damage that is using up water. A sudden decrease in water pressure or a much smaller amount of water coming out of your pipes can also be signals that something may be wrong with your sewer line. Water may be leaking out of obscured pipes, causing less water to come through faucets and decreasing your water flow and pressure.

Paying attention to your lawn can help signal you when your sewer line needs attention. If your yard is suddenly sporting odd indentations or has areas of verdant and abundant growth, there may be a crack in the pipes beneath your feet. Indentations in your lawn may be caused by leaks softening the land around the pipes, creating divots and depressions that were not there before. Grass that is unexpectedly growing greener and more profusely may be getting more water—from a damaged pipe in the ground below. Luckily, innovations in pipe repair means some damage can be fixed without having to dig up damaged pipes and ruin your yard.

Repeated clogs and plumbing problems or a nasty odor inside or out of your home are also signs that your sewer line is in need of repair. Recurrent clogs or drains that must be snaked often could be due old, corroded pipes that are failing because of their age, their construction, or even an ineffective pipe layout. A nasty odor in your home or outside in your yard could mean moisture buildup in your walls and sewage backup into your property from clogged or broken pipes, causing a musty, foul scent and creating a potential health hazard.

Taking care of plumbing issues as soon as possible can help prevent permanent damage to your sewer line, but even the most attentive homeowner can experience a broken sewer line due to tree roots, extreme weather, earthquakes, natural aging of pipes, and much more. Knowing to get professional help sooner rather than later can get your home—and your drains—running smoothly.

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